Friday, February 22, 2013

Secunda Radio Club participate in the veiled day competition 9 Feb 2013

The club gathered at Badplaas camping site to take part in the SARL veiled day competition. When it was time to set up antennas open space for 2 dipole antennas was a bit of a problem an one of the antennas had to be hang in a tree. Amazing to find out that this was the most used antenna with the best results.
It was a very relaxing weekend and I have again learned a lot from the rest of the club members We had 47 QSO’s of witch 3 was DX QSO’s  all with 50W  We will probably not be No. 1 in the competition but the social and  togetherness of the team was a nice team building weekend and that make us No. 1.