Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is how my shack grow

You will see on my photos that my equipment got upgraded to the first shelf of my newly build radio rack. And the Crowe's nest of cables move to the flour. I have also got myself a 2m, 70cm handheld Radio. The Anofeng UV-3R radio is a 2W handheld toy that have gave me a range of about 80Km when I was testing it with the Rustenburg repeater. I think it is good enough for me to us for now. After all I’m only live about 800m from the Secunda repeater and I can use it on low power and still have good 2m communication.
I have also got DSL internet now and after about 2 hours on the phone with Telkom that is also now working. I have also learned about ECHOLink and that is also now working on my PC and I am looking forward to see the Secunda ECHOLink on line soon. More on that on the Secunda club site.
I hope to grow this Blogg and if you have suggestions please write a comment