Thursday, January 12, 2012

When nature take over your surge pips “it is not time for nature to call”

Back from holiday and I had to dig up my surge pipes because Nature have taken over the space in them. The bends and couplings was filed with roots from a nerdy tree the roots in the 4th picture was taken out of the trench that was dig and at last the trench was closed. Now can “Nature” call with out veer of an overflow.

Care Emergency exercise 30 Nov 2011 Secunda

On 30 Nov 2011 Care had an emergency exercise in Secunda where the group of HamNet members assist with emergency communication to all the emergency services in Secunda, Evander and Thrichartd. We have manned 7 points and it was a grate success only one station had problems. Thanks to Get ZS6GC we were peppered for the situation Well don Gert. If nothing go's wrong in a exercise you do not learn to be ready when trouble strikes and a lot of lessons was learned.